Adventure Sailing in Croatia

Personally I believe there are 2 great ways to experience Dalmatian coast and Islands. By bike and sail boat. Of course, if you are not interested in clubbing only! Cycling gives you opportunity to visit rural and many times hidden areas – such as secluded beaches, great restaurants (Konoba) , meet the locals (they will always look at you suspiciously (our elders on the islands did not spend much time doing sports, they were working in their fields – olive grooves and vineyards – which is kind of a sport itself) and will try to help you, give some water, wine, figs or whatever they have available. To be mentioned – cycling is healthy as well!

Sailing can be compared with hedonism – using the power slot88  of nature you move from one island to another, enjoy crystal clear sea, jump in during the warm summer months and during all this time you can have a glass of good local wine,  some olives, salty anchovies and cheese!
Meridien Ten is creating and promoting unique active holidays: cycling, SUP, sea kayaking, hiking, clubbing (yes, it is sometimes important) with sailing tours!
Below I will describe typical day on Adventure sailing tour (imagine you wake up in the bay below:)
9:00 AM – wake up, jump into the sea with a 7 minute swim followed with breakfast(warm bread, butter, homemade orange marmalade,    tea, , grapes)
10:30 AM – start the bike ride,  15 miles to our recommended lunch venue
12:30 PM – Lunch, where one of the dishes is this:
( scrambled eggs with fresh asparagus and prosciutto ) – for the starter…..
1: 45 PM – after a nice meal you continue to cycle, another 10 miles where you meet your skipper and the sailing boat
2:45 PM – start of sailing, normally it looks like this;
6:30 PM – anchoring in Hvar town;
8:00 PM – aperitif and dinner


And this was it! Just another simple day in Croatia! Besides cycling there are some other great actives we promote;
Konobbing  (tasting great local specialties )
Beach culture

Wine tastings
Wine Tastings


Our picnic lunches on board
Stand up paddling
I hope you liked our small picture gallery tour. All tours can be tailor made to suit your wishes!
For more info drop us a note on and visit our website 
Meridien Ten – Personalized services and tours tailored to the needs of each client!

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