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Bobovisca na moru

Bobovišća na moru – Island Brač



Coasting downhill along a cypress-lined road, you pass through a fertile valley before coming to a little fishing village huddled along a deep inlet.




At the point where a stream runs into the sea is a monument by sculptor Mirko Ostoja (Dol, 1921-2009) to Vladimir Nazor (1876-1949), one of Croatia’s greatest poets and writers, whose parental home was here. Nazor was deeply inspired by the childhood days he spent here,by the peace, the mysticism and the island’s characters such as the shepherd Loda.




Above his family home, Nazor erected a memorial tower as well as a faux Acropolis as a memento of his three sisters and their travels in Greece. 

Across the harbour is the pleasingly simple 18th century fortified manor of the Gligo family.
Bobovišća na moru grew up when the inland communities of Bobovišća and Ložišća became stronger and needed an outlet to the sea. Today it’s a relaxed little place with almost no commercial tourism, offering a complete escape from the bustle of modern life.
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