Meet the guilty parties of Meridien Ten

Andro Tartaglia 
Director, guide

Andro is from Split and was born in 1981. He had a huge passion and talent for tennis until he turned 17 and found himself at the crossroads – whether to continue with his tennis training and competing or to get out there to do different things and gain experience exploring the world. So first he started competing in downhill MTB races, then moved on to sailing and windsurfing around the globe, which all took him to discovering great surf spots in Croatia. He also spent some time working as ski instructor during winter seasons in Austria. All his trips and experiences were accompanied with gastronomic delights of the visited areas. He graduated at the University of Economics, but actually never wanted to be an office guy. He always wanted to be outside and “play”, but his sporty lifestyle and adventurous spirit led to several accidents, which made him sit in the office more than he initially planned. The tours Meridien Ten offers are all created in Andro’s mind and seen through his eyes – being active and experiencing the local culture, which is exactly what he looks for when traveling around the world. When not guiding the tours, you can find him in the office working on new projects and designing new tours and holiday arrangements which guarantee great adventures and authentic experiences for the clients.

With locals on Peljesac peninsula

Drinking beer with locals in Gugulethu – Cape Town, SA.






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Windsurfing in SA

Schwarzenstein 09.04.2006 042

Drinking beer just below Schwarzenstein peak, ski touring








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  1. Hello Andro,
    Nice website Andro. We will enjoy reading to keep up with you. We are still biking a lot, but staying local, with our local groups. Nice pictures in your newsletter. Later, Gail and Glenn Vanderlinde

  2. Hello Gail and Glenn,
    So nice to see your message!! Great to hear you are still biking! We had almost californian weather here in Dalmatia till the beginning of 2016, sunny and not too hot – perfect for bike riding.
    Stay in touch and enjoy the bike rides!!

    Andro and Meridien Ten team

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