The start of Meridien Ten

During the very turbulent times in Croatia, in 1991 Meridien Ten was formed, as a family-owned Travel Company, providing outbound and inbound travel. Croatian travelers were enjoying ski holidays and one of the first Croatian-speaking ski schools in Italian and French resorts, while foreigners were enjoying summer vacations in Croatia provided by Meridien Ten.

Ski school

Somewhere in the Dolomites..


Ski instructors assigning diplomas






Then the company started expanding by offering sail boat charter. Unfortunately, the timing for the boat charter was not right, as the situation in the Balkans was still boiling, followed by the homeland war and a short collapse of tourism in these areas.

But with the growth of the Internet as popular media – new ideas in Meridien Ten were born!


In the last ten years our work philosophy evolved towards having individual approach to each of our guests, and one of the most important missions is to represent and show the best Croatia has to offer in a true and authentic way.
Our office team, guides and local partners/providers share the same values – passion for traditional and authentic Croatia – “the Mediterranean as it used to be”, but including modern elements into our tours as well.

Carefully designed trips for small group travel, unique travel experiences and immersion in local culture are the main “ingredients” of our offer.


Private family tours


Bespoke luxury trips


Custom bike and sail tours

Being active and being outdoor are equally important as tasting gourmet delights of Croatia. Actually, one completes the other – you cannot enjoy outdoor activities and get to know local customs without eating good and healthy food. And enjoying a glass of good wine at the end of the day tastes so much better when you know you have cycled for 40 kilometers in the morning.

Today Meridien Ten team consists of six full-time employees and in the summer season we have another three experienced guides in charge of taking our guests on various tours. We are not a big tour operator and this makes a huge difference – we are able to customize our offers and provide services at highest levels, regardless of the holiday package our guests choose.


Unpacking new bikes


Workshop and 100 bikes..


Team lunch (before the season start)


Full working mode













“Personalized services and tours tailored to the needs of each client”

logo - bijela pozadina, proširen


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