Meet the guilty parties of Meridien Ten – vol.3

Snježana Tartaglia Franetović
PR, Tour Coordinator, Sales manager

Snježana Tartaglia Franetović is another native in Meridien Ten. She was
born in Split in 1978. After she graduated from the Faculty of Chemistry and
Technology, she worked in the development department of the food production
business. As she would describe it best herself, she was actually developing
traditional food products packed in modern design. She was born with a
travel bug and had travelled all around the world before two kids “occupied”
her life.  Snježana has another hobby – designing and handcrafting. Being a
true art lover, she dedicates most of her spare time to creating handmade
products, like paintings on the old wine barrels, wall clocks, kid’s stuff,
etc. Having such a creative, but also professional background, joining the
Meridien Ten team, was a logical and a right step into the family business.
Her biotechnological, artistic and creative skills are very useful for us
and she is very happy to work with people in creating unique tours and
sharing her knowledge about Croatia.

Handcraft work by Snjezana (Šampjer fish on a piece of wood from the barrel)

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