Get fit and prepare for the spring bike touring (in Croatia)

The perfect time to change your lifestyle for the better is actually any time, but this part of the year happens to be the most common one to do it right. New Year opens new perspectives, and new ideas and ambitions are born. To make it happen, some kind of plan is desirable and usually the best way to get that plan is asking an expert. So we asked Mijo Bebic – coach, nutritionist, our guide and our positive thinking guru for a suggestion.

On Island Brac

With summer season approaching, you need your body to stay or get into a good shape so that you can enjoy your holiday and life in general in the best way possible. Start working out!

Create your own simple exercise routine which will easily fit into your weekly schedule. The most important thing is to be persistent. Stick to it! Working out often triggers a chain reaction and you start to take care of your body and mind on a different level with nutrition and overall approach.

There is no best exercise or activity or the one that is better than the other. They are just different. Find those that will match your needs and character. Try a few just to feel the difference and learn from this experience. You are the only one who knows how good it makes you feel and how happy you are.

Strength training is great because it can be complemented with any activity or any sport that you are already doing. Begin with the basic things.

Squat. Use your legs to get to your goal. It will build up your strength foundations and keep you going. Push and pull by using your arms in various positions. The gym is one of the options where you can easily get good advice from educated personnel. If you need that extra motivation kick, then join some group training program.

It is never too late to get fit and stay safe, but sooner the better because you just might inspire someone else to get there as well.

By: Mijo Bebic
Cover photo: Studio Relive

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