LCHF – The low carb, high fat diet and Shrimp roll recipe

The LCHF diet is about eating less carbohydrates and higher proportions of fat. The most important thing is to minimize your intake of sugar and starch. A number of recent high-quality scientific studies shows that LCHF makes it easier both to lose weight and to control your blood sugar. And that’s just the beginning. Did I mention LCHF is also a gluten-free diet.
You should eat vegetables growing above ground, natural fats (like olive oil, coconut oil, butter), fish, eggs, meat, nuts, berries, dark chocolate with 80% of cocoa.
You should avoid sugar, bread, pasta, rice, beans and potatoes.

Roasted Sardines by Tina Peric

Having a full-time job and two small kids in this fast, modern times I felt stressed and under a lot of pressure. I really wanted to do something just for myself so I started to practise yoga. After a very short period I realised it was impossible for me to do some exercises, e.g. belly and ab ones, so I made another step just for myself and I completely changed my diet. A friend of mine introduced me to LCHF diet and it seemed pretty complicated at the beginning. But I didn’t quit. On the contrary, I continued although almost everyone around me was saying that I had been losing weight too fast. The truth was that I had never felt better, I had much more energy and I wasn’t nervous as much I used to be. Kids were happy with it and I am sure mums will understand what I am talking about.

photo by Anita Supe

Cream pumpkin soup

“Humans evolved over millions of years as hunter-gatherers, without eating large amounts of carbohydrates. We ate the food available to us in nature by hunting, fishing and gathering all the edible foods we could find. These foods did not include pure starch in the form of bread, pasta, rice or potatoes. With the Industrial Revolution, 100 – 200 years ago, we got factories that could manufacture large amounts of pure sugar and white flour. Rapidly digested pure carbohydrates. We’ve hardly had time to genetically adapt to these processed foods. Low-fat products popped up everywhere. But if you eat less fat you need to eat more carbohydrates to feel satiated. And it’s at this time in history that our disastrous epidemics of obesity and diabetes started. The most fat-phobic country in the world, the USA, was hit the hardest and is now the world’s most obese country.
Today, it’s clear that the fear of real food with natural fat contents has been a big mistake“

My point is not about explaining the processes happening in our bodies when we eat carbs. If you are interested in reading more, you can google it and on different websites you will not only find good examples and tips for losing weight, but also proves how a slight change in your diet can influence your health. For English readers I’d suggest Diet Doctor or Croatian blog by Anita Šupe, Istine i laži o hrani.

I wrote this text with the aim of showing you that you can eat delicious and healthy food with just a little will. Trust me – your body will be thankful!

Photo by Natasa Majstorovic Stacchetti

LCHF roll

This is a recipe for one of my favourite meals, a Zucchini Shrimp roll made by my friend Nataša Majstorović Stachetti. You can use this batter for many different fillings and you can even make a pizza with this dough. The batter will be liquid, but no need to worry about it. When you bake it, it will be just the way it needs to be.

3 eggs
1 spoon of almond flour
100 g cream cheese (Philadelphia or ABC)
1 spoon psyllium powder
Stir the eggs and add the cheese, then almond flour and psyllium amd season it with some salt. Combine all these ingriedinents in a uniform mixture and pour it into a baking dish, previously coated with wax paper. The dough is very liquid, a challenge will be very slim. Bake it at 200°C for 10 minutes. Take it out of the owen and let it cool. Then carefully, by using a knife, remove the dough from the paper.

200 g peeled shrimps
2 small zucchini
a few tablespoons of aurora sauce ( which is actually a sauce for shrimp cocktail: mayonnaise + mustard + tomato paste + little vinegar and be sure you taste it until the flavor suits you)
a little chopped parsley
a little sour cream
brie cheese
little purified butter for frying zucchini

Cook shrimps in white wine and parsley; chop with a knife after stewing. Cut zucchini into spirals and fry them in the melted butter for about 2 minutes. Then top the dough inside with the aurora sauce, arrange as shown in the picture and wrapped like that put them into the heated oven. When the food is hot, remove it from the owen and cut it. Pour the sauce on it before serving on a plate. The liquid remained from the cooking shrimps can also be used as sauce as well as aurora sauce or brie cheese that needs to be melted.

Another very tasty and easy to make meal is cauliflower, broccoli and turkey in a wok. First fry the meat in a wok. After that fry the broccoli and the cauliflower. When it’s done add the meat. Depending on the spices you like, you can season the dich with some salt, pepper, turmeric, sunflower seed or pumpkin seeds. This is something that can be done in less than 30 minutes and it tastes excellent.

With just a little imagination you can have healthy and tasty food on your table.

Enjoy your meal or as we’d say it here – Dobar tek!

From: Snjezana Tartaglia Franetovic
Photo: Snjezana Tartaglia Franetovic, Anita Supe, Tina Peric, Natasa Majstorovic Stacchetti

Pumpkin flour bread from Snjezana’s kitchen

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