Meet the guilty parties of Meridien Ten – vol.4

Silvija Vukušić

Split has ben Silvija’s hometown since 1987. From her early age, being outdoors and spending free time actively was a big part of her life. As she grew older, her passion and dedication to sports, like rock climbing, spelunking and hiking grew as well.

Silvija Vukusic

The meaning of pomalo and ZEN?


20150722_111437Soon after that, biking took over her life when she realized that there is no better way to travel and explore a country, meet new people and discover the local history and cuisine.

Silvija graduated from the Vocational School for Tourism and she speaks English and German fluently. All these things spontaneously led her to combine all her passions, talents and skills and to become a guide. She has been a part of the Meridien Ten team since 2008 and she could not wish for a better workplace -being outdoors, cycling and showing people all the beauties Croatia has to offer.

Silvija Vukusic

Leading the bike tours..

Silvija Vukusic

Exploring new sites and routes..

Silvija tandem

With John.. always smiling..

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