What is Self guided cycling?

Self guided cycling or biking is relatively new expression and we believe a lot of people are not familiar with this type of travel or holidays. It is becoming very popular in the modern travel!

Simply said, if you do not have enough time to plan your own holiday, but prefer to cycle at your own pace, explore sites interesting for you and do not want to wait for the other participants of organized group tours, self guided tours might be just for you! Another great fact for this kind of travel is that these trips can start whenever you prefer, on dates you choose…

Self guided tour start in Split Croatia

Briefing upon self guided bike tour start in Split

The members of the Meridien Ten’s team have been cycling and exploring Croatia for many years. In this process they accumulated first hand local knowledge which they decided to share with adventure enthusiasts across the world by organizing unique and quality self-guided tours. These tours have come to reflect one of Meridien Ten’s core missions – the presentation of local culture and customs in Croatia together with offering outdoor activities.

So what are actually self-guided bike tours? They are bike tours carefully designed by the Meridien Ten team for those who want to who want to travel at dates they prefer and cycle at their own pace without carrying along their own luggage while cycling. At the same time, accommodation, daily logistics, ferries, luggage and other transfers are taken care of by the Meridien Ten team. An important idea to bear in mind is that self-guided bike touring does not mean that cyclists are left completely on their own during their trip. Although the customers ride without the guide(s) on those trips, Merdien Ten is always “behind the scenes”, making sure that the logistics runs smoothly and offering 24/7 support.

Island hopping

  Island hopping








Road signs...

Road signs..

At the onset of the tour cyclists receive a road book containing detailed maps and insider knowledge about the best bike routes in the chosen area, beautiful bays and beaches, the best restaurants, galleries, museums, night life, wine cellars and other places of their possible interest.  Meridien Ten team has created route description on their own, which means that they have actually covered each and every step of the trail and every bump on the route. The result is a clearly written set of route descriptions that guides customers along the trail, kilometer by kilometer. Of course, these pieces of information are not stone-engraved, and Meridien Ten team is continuously scouting for new roads and investing a lot of effort in improving and developing their maps.

For those who have special wishes regarding their vacation, there is also something important to keep in mind. Apart from standard self-guided bike tours, Meridien Ten offers tailor made self-guided bike tours. This means that duration of customers’ holiday, type of accommodation (sail boat, yacht, hotel, luxury villa or cozy B&B), types of transport between the islands and various extra services can be combined in a unique way for customers who crave to experience a perfect holiday in Croatia. To say it simply, if you want to plan an unforgettable holiday, do not hesitate to contact the members of the MERIDIEN TEN team. We will do our best to make your holiday wishes come true!

Self guided cycling and sailing!

Combination of self guided cycling and sailing tour

adventure sailing tours


in front of our office 2

In front of Meridien Ten office in Split – just before briefing

Meridien Ten office

START – After the briefing and bike fitting

honemoon self guided

Honeymoon on bikes – why not? Self guided again..


Meridien Ten

Cycling in Croatia

cycling picture

Self guided cycling in Croatia

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