Meet the guilty parties of M10 – Vol. 6

Tomislav Bagatin – Tomo
Semi-supported and multisport tour coordinator, guide

Born in 1979 in Split, Tomislav discovered the world of aggressive rollerblading at the age of 15, and dedicated most of his free time to his new passion in the following seven years. With time he began riding his bike more often and discovering Croatian islands on his own. He has academic degrees in Economics, History, Philosophy and European studies. In his wish to make the world a better place, he launched a project called and wrote a book of the same title which can be downloaded from the website The chapters in the book that talk about his bike travel experiences and rollerblading reveal some of his passions that he wants to share with as many people as possible. Recently he has realized that by working in tourism he can combine his love for biking, history, foreign languages and meeting new people.

Tomislav Bagatin

Tomo in action

Tomislav 1slika

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