Transdinara MTB marathon

TransDinara MTB marathon is a three-stage, three-day race that aims to gather professional and recreational international riders, and take them trough the most inhospitable part od Croatia, with high-level of organisation and safety. It is also a promotion of the mountains Kamešnica and Dinara as an ideal areas for many types of recreation.

TDM is the most demanding stage marathon in Croatia, possibly in the region; among huge distances that riders have to cross daily, and high altitude differences, harsh weather conditions and rough terrain will make this a challenge for every individual or team. In return, these mountains offer exceptional experience of wilderness and escape from the daily routine; something every mountain biker pursuits. Dinara mountain will make sure of rough conditions.


This marathon is the witnes that nature could fascinate with its minimalism. Colours in a thousand shades, and not a single sound, except that of tyres milling the harsh mountain trail and the wind that becomes a natural tinnitus.

Pedalling on this route becomes a demanding psychological test: no part of the route is predictable, no area gives a hint whether it is going to get easier or harder. Any guesses about the terrain before you are of no use. Endless curves of mountains in front of you, valleys and hills behind you.



Weather conditions on Dinara and Kamesnica mountain can shift rapidly from idyllic to horrible. Nevertheless, weather in early September is usually stable and overall pleasant; no snow is expected, but wind of some kind is almost always present. If you like mountainbike challeneges, this is one of the best you can find in this part of Europe in mid September. More information on

Check out this great video from Energijateam;

All pictures are taken from official Transdinara Facebook site,  Damir Gubeljic and Nejc Vesel

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