Meet the guilty parties of M10 – Vol 8

Dinka Tartaglia
The year of Dinka’s birth is not important in comparison to her years and experience spent in travel business. She graduated in Dubrovnik, at the University of Tourism and has been in this profession ever since. She is our professional mentor, who actually thought us and showed us how things are done. She gained lots of experience, knowledge and skills while working in the “old” system, in one of the first travel agencies in ex-Yugoslavia, and even today there are so many things we can learn from her. At the moment, she is in charge for controlling the financial reports, and coordination between our office and accounting office. Every years, she puts a trip to “exotic” countries like Morocco, China, Argentina, Uzbekistan for the Croatian groups…  Dinka’s ancient, but original VW Beetle is always at Meridien Ten’s disposal, available for bike deliveries which makes her really happy and proud.

The one and only...

The one and only..


Leading a tour in South Africa..


Another trip in Uzbekistan


With Mr. Lemmy from Motorhead – the icon of proper RnR! From the recent trip to LA (USA). ” If you think you are too old to rock’n’roll then you are”



With former president of Croatia Mr. Josipovic. Showing her serious side..


2013 – The team. (when we were young..)


2016 – Enjoying the sun in Komiza – Recent team building on Vis

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