Since 2016 Meridien Ten upgraded its bike fleet and now offers to its customers brand new Cube e-bikes. The aluminium frames have upright commuter geometry, which gives you nice cruising and relaxed positioning on the bike.
A Bosch 250-watt electric motor is located in the frame (near the bottom bracket) and transforms every climb into pleasant ride.
The battery, a 400 watt-hour is also produced by Bosch, it is reasonably light and will help you to cover up to 60 km before you will need to recharge your battery. Of course, there are several modes of support and based on the one you choose the battery life will be determined.
On these e-bikes you will have to put in at least a little bit of effort, as Bosch system uses pedal torque to adjust how much power the motor is delivering. The more effort you put in (or the more torque you provide) the more motor rewards you with torque of its own.
Our customers who were returning these e-bikes back with smiles on their faces have tested qualities of the same ones and all have agreed that they are great! Some of them did not stop there, but decided to buy the same bikes upon their return to home – that was the extent of how did they love them during the tours. The advantage of these bikes is that you can use the engine when you need it (mostly on uphill’s), but you can also pedal it without the help of engine. The batteries with which the bikes are equipped have proved to have enough power to cover all our standard tours, provided they are fully charged after every longer ride. On the other hand, each of our bikes are equipped with battery charger, so if you decide to go for a 100km long ride, you can always stop for a lunch or a coffee break and recharge the battery, if needed.
E-bikes are becoming huge trend in cycle tourism and bike commuting.
Did you ever think about zero-emission transportation vehicle?
Do you fancy saving some money with 40 miles a day e-bike commuter?
Finally, these bikes help many people to travel on 2 wheels and discover new countries in the best possible way – on the bike! So they can really experience the area visited!

E-bikes have the potential to deliver enormous environmental benefits and Meridien Ten is very happy to be part of this positive story!!

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