Hiking on Kočula Island

Today island Korčula is mostly known as a white wine region and for Marko Polo, of course, but that is not all. In the past, mostly because of its beautiful dense forest which covers the most of the island, it was a place which inspired people to write many legends which are still alive in local tradition.

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Kočje Korčula

On the eastern side of island Korčula, deep inside the forest, close to Žrnovo village, there is one of the most beautiful hiking trails on island Korčula which passes through Kočje area. It’s been almost 40 years (from May 23rd 1962) that Kočje area is protected landscape mostly because of its flora diversity and unusual rock formations which are spread in the area of about 10 000 m². Many passages, almost like tunnels, between up to 30m (100 feet) tall hilly rock formations, small meadows surrounded by holm oaks, tiny caves and moss embracing the trees adds a mystical note to this extraordinary natural habitat. The trail changes its appearance along the way from bramble bushes and ivy covering the trees to paths across the soft soil covered with fresh and wet grass, all acompanied with birds singing from the nearby trees. Those lucky ones, willing to explore even more might find hidden spring called – Vilinsko Korito (Fairy Trough).
Suggested way to visit this area is definitely on foot or by mountain bike (if you are an experienced rider), preferable during morning hours because of the heat in summer days.

Amazing rock formations

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