Most useful Croatian phrases when eating out

Croatian’s speak Slavic language, which is spoken mainly in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia. As of year 2000, about 6 300 000 people speak this language, which is not a lot and you will not really need it in your travels.
All over Croatia, English (and Italian and German) language is spoken amongst waiters and hotel receptionist. Even the people you meet in the countryside will speak at least a little bit of English and you can get by easily..
Croatian is very hard language to master and to be completely honest you will not benefit much if you learn Croatian.But if you are able to implement few basic phrases of Croatian language during your visit here, locals will appreciate it a lot!


Chef Piple tasting Pršut

So, here we go!!! Below you will find simple dictionary and phrases for your dining experiences in Croatia;

Dobra večer – Good evening
Kako je? (informal) – How are you?
Dobro – Good
Hvala – Thanks
Molim – Please
Da – Yes
Ne – No
Konoba – Tavern or local restaurant
Restoran – Restaurant
Stol – Table
Stol za dvoje (troje, četvero) – Table for two(three, four)

Voda – Water
Sok – Juice
Pivo – Beer
Boca domačeg vina – bottle of house vine
Rakija – (local) brandy
Travarica – brandy with “healthy” herbs
Čaj – Tea
Espreso – Espresso
Makiato – Macchiato (coffee/expresso with milk)
Šečer – Sugar

Ručak – Lunch
Večera – Dinner
Molim vas jelovnik – Can I have the menu, please

04 Domanoeta e voila

Food (general)
Kruh – Bread
Juha – Soup
Meso – Meat ( Govedina – Beef, Svinjetina – Pork, Janjetina – Lamb, Piletina – Chicken)
Pršut – smoked ham
Riba – Fish
Salata – Salad

Food (terms of traditional Dalmatian meals)
Hobotnica – Octopus
Slani inčuni – Salted anchovies
Marinirana srdela – Marinated sardines
Masline – Olives
Sir – Cheese
Maslinovo ulje – Olive oil
Luk – Garlic
Crveni Luk or Kapula (local) – Onion
Rajčica (proper) or Pomidora (local) – Tomato
Brujet – Fish stew
Gradele – Grill
Prženo – Fried
Ocat(proper word) or Kvasina(local)   – Vinegar
Pašticada – beef stew (great local dish usually served with gnocchi)
Rižot – risotto

Fish types :
Srdela – Sardine
Papalina and Inćun – similar to Sardine, but much much smaller
Tuna – Tuna fish
Skuša – Mackerel
Lokarda – Spanish Mackerel
Zubutac – Dentex – great (and expensive white fish)
Kantar – Black sea bream
Cipal – gray mullet
Šamjer or Kovač – Dory fish (great and expensive)
Mol – Hake
Škarpina – Grooper
Ugor – Sea eel
Lignje – Squid
Sipa – cuttlefish

Račun molim – can I have the bill, please
Dobar Tek (formal) or Uživajte (informal and local) – Enjoy your meal



Croatians usually go for the dinner around 8PM in the summer time. Dinner should be enjoyed so they take their time (pomalo) in the restaurant. We recommend to start with the aperitif like nuts brandy or herbal brandy (if you did a lot of activity on this day small beer is good as well). For the starter order a little bit of octopus salad, cheese and olive oil (don’t rush with the bread). For the main course we recommend grilled fish with boiled vegetables and salad – Dalmatian classic style. This should be accompanied with vino. Oh yes, we do mix wine with water (bevanda) or even sparkling water (gemišt). This is great when thirsty. But if it is great wine, definitely have another glass for water…


Eating out in Split

Eating out in Split

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