Cycling tours in Croatia – FAQ

Due to big increase of bike tours in Croatia, we have decided to provide more information and describe this great new type of travel. This article was contributed by Cheryl Jones, a free lance writer and blogger. Below you will find a list of most common questions we do receive and our comments on the same ones.
You might be interested in our blog post : What is Self guided cycling where we do provide general information on this type of travel and description what you will experience if you decide for any kind of cycling holiday in Croatia. 

Most common questions and answers;

Who Enjoys Guided and Self guided Tours?

Group 1. 40 – 70 and beyond. Take time to really enjoy the islands at your leisure.

Group 2. 35 – 60 Relax from work with a guided bike tour run by a fun, professional LOCAL bike tour operator.

Group 3. Families. The island-hopping bike tours are for older adults, as 20 km or more can be covered a day by bike. However, there are accommodations made for families. Vans can be used for family groups. Contact us for more details.

These tours are for people who want to really relax by cycling, swimming, snorkeling, and island hopping as they visit the authentic markets, history, art, culture, cuisine and beauty of Brač, Vis and Hvar Islands. Ferries or private boats are used to transport you and your bike from one island to the other.



Valuable, Interesting, and Helpful Information.

Who are the predominate nationals who take these tours? – USA, UK, Canada, Brasil, Australia

What age groups primarily take your tours? – Ages 40 – 70

Are the biking tours one day events or longer? – Most bike tours take 5-6-7 days.

Where do people stay overnight? – Accommodations are provided in B & B’s and hotels which may be 3-star, 4-star, or 5-star (Luxury). We prefer to use smaller boutique hotels which reflect the local culture and are not part of big worldwide hotel chains..

What should a person bring for the tour?

There should be arrival information which will cover currency info, electricity, how to get to/from the airport.

What about clothing?

Bring clean synthetic/cotton t-shirt, fleece jacket/vest, casual dress clothing for dinners/evenings, dress shoes, sandals, swimsuit, sandals, bike clothing, waterproof and wind resistant jacket and pants (1 set), waterproof socks (if biking in early spring or autumn), seat – if you are used to your own, bring it and we will mount it on your bike, good quality walking/biking shoes with socks or bike shoes with clips and your pedals (spd, look or similar), long and short-sleeved t-shirts, bike gloves, mittens + liners (1 pair, if biking in early spring our autumn), padded shorts and bike jerseys (2-3); side mirror if desired and you are used to have it on the bike

helmet – if you prefer to use your own, otherwise we can provide one

What other items do you suggest?

Sports/energy drink mixes, driving license, medications, airline and/or rail tickets, passport – including a photocopy, wallet, credit cards, cash (in bars and simple restaurants it is common they do not accept credit card), travel insurance, identification, emergency contact info – please sent the contact to, photographic equipment including charger, insect repellent, sunscreen, sunglasses and other sun protection gear, lip balm travel power adapter, contact lenses or eyeglasses (+ case)

Toiletries: soap/shampoo, deodorant, toothbrush + paste, skin cream, nail clippers, hair brush, razor + shaving cream, woman’s hygiene products, ear plugs, prescription medication, multi-vitamins

First aid: band-aids, first aid ointment, adhesive first aid tape, blister bandages, alcohol wipes, cotton swabs, compress pads, ibuprofen, anti-itch cream, muscle relief cream, anti-diarrheal tabs, zinc tablets. sports injury cloth bandage, neoprene knee/ankle wrap

What about food? Is any provided? Do I pack and bring food or buy it along the way?

It depends on whether a person has a guided tour, self-guided tour, or bike rental.
On self-guided tours, we provide detailed restaurant suggestions (as well as supermarket and market suggestions and locations).
On self-guided tours, only breakfast is included. Dinners and lunches are on you own. On all of our bikes on self-guided trips we provide rear rack panniers, which guests can use as a carry-on bag(shoulder straps provided as well). In this bags/panniers there is enough space to carry picnic supplies as well as camera, wallet, beach towel, etc.

On guided tours we usually stop in great local restaurants and carry snacks, drinks and fruit in van which supports the tour.

10 Konoba Matejuska Split

In Konoba

Do I bring my own bike?

Usually, people use ours. We have the best selection of bikes in Croatia optimized for several day touring.


Road bikes


Hybrid bikes






Do you have to be an experienced biker to take your tours?

Most of our tours are rated as moderate or moderate to hard. We offer great quality tours where guests will really see the best part of Dalmatian coast (coastal area from Zadar to Dubrovnik). Tours include riding on the islands between Split and Dubrovnik . Our tours are meant for those who want to cover a larger area and see the islands in depth.

On guided tours we always provide van support where tired cyclist can hop in as well as refresh (in the van you will always find water, drinks, fruit and other refreshments).

On our self guided tours we do not (usually) provide van support, but you will receive a list of local taxi’s which can help. We also provide 24/7 support.

Then we can provide custom guided or self guided tours where in accordance with the guests we provide van/car support when needed.

IMG_0645 IMG_0128





What other options are available?

We do prepare tours for strong bikers ( Challenging bike tours Croatia ). We also provide (on request) bike and triathlon camps for the strong riders.

Challenging bike tours Croatia

Challenging bike tours Croatia

Are there family tours?

We have special family tours . This are guided and supported tours where we provide van, guide and determine route based on family wishes. This tours are all private and customizable. So we can include some beach time, paddle boarding, snorkeling, etc.


Family tours Croatia

Happy cycling!