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Smokvica – Korcula island



Smokvica – home of Pošip and Rukatac wine

Smokvica sits on a steep slope of the hillside overlooking hectares of vineyards that form a strip from east to west. As if placed there by the gods to absorb the sun’s rays, the ripened grapes produce some of the finest and most famous wines on Korcula like Pošip and Rukatac. The beautiful landscape and the local Wine Museum makes Smokvica a stop in paradise for any wine lover.

Wine museum


Another one of Korcula’s delightful rustic villages, with the Church of The Purification of Our Lady at the heart of the 1000 inhabitants of Smokvica. There is a Baroque loggia and within walking distance several small Medieval churches.
Loggia was, at that times, the very centre of life in the village, where old customs were performed – such as sword dance Kumpanija and local habit of ‘Plucking the Orange’ as well as ‘ Stari Bali’ – old dances.


Served by two small supermarkets and a fish monger, life is pleasantly relaxed here.A short journey south will find you in the two coastal bays of Brna and Istruga, surrounded by pine woods; the latter being known for its medicinal mud. Wandering around the Smokvica area, zigzagging the olives and grapes, you will pass several medieval churches. 

Winding roads in Smokvica

A more modern church, constructed in the 1920s, however sits proudly in the centre, on the site of a 17th century church. As well as visiting this large neo-Romanesque Church of the Purification of Our Lady, in its shadows you will find a Baroque Loggia, all which remains of the old Church of Lady of Kandelore.

Church of the Purification of Our Lady in Smokvica


Smokvica Saint Day – February 2nd – Our Lady of Kandelore


Known as the Day of Candlemass, which marks the day the baby Jesus entered the temple for his consecration. The services in the parish church and the blessing of candles celebrates Jesus bringing light into the world. A procession and performance of the Kumpanija enhances the celebrations.
Kumpanija performance

Kumpanija is a gallant sword dance represting the people’s defence of their village, centuries past. A set of complicated dance steps paced by the drums and bagpipes, reach a pinnacle with the waving of a large flag. At the end, girls join the dancing celebration.
There are numerous walking, hiking and cycling trails through the countryside of Smokvica and Brna, particularly enjoyable for guests visiting outside the hot summer months. 
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