Huge fires on Croatia coast

On July 16th huge fires started in various areas of Croatian coast mostly covered by pine forest and scrubland. Due to strong winds (Bura) fires spread and affected Zrnovnica, Podstrana, Srinjine, Tugare, Sestanovac, (all suburbs of Split), Brodarica, islands of Pag and Vir. Besides these towns olive groves, greenhouses, vineyards and farming fields got damaged (and burned). Strong wind made putting the fires out more difficult! Luckily it slowed down in the morning of July 18th and Canadair’s (planes) could take off and help with putting off the fires.


From Snjezana’s balcony

Firefighters from all over Croatia, mountain rescue services, Croatian Army, Hajduk Split fan team – Torcida and just local people were out for 2 sleepless nights helping to put these fires out with superhuman efforts!!

Damira Kalajzic

In Split there was no electricity for some time, you could not get taxi anywhere, citizens were asked to keep the roads empty in case of emergency, you could not see the sky (just the ash in the air), it was hard to breathe, fires destroyed cemetery, nursery and homes. Visitors were evacuated from two shopping malls and fire was really close to one of the petrol stations. There are about 80 people who asked for medical treatment…

Pictures from Goran's house

Photos from Goran’s house


Fires are not completely put out, but they are under control! This is confirmed by the Croatian prime minister, mayor of Split and firefighter’s spokesman!

Our colleague Tomo is trying to save his olives in Podstrana and Goran made sure his family and house in Mravince are safe.

Tomo’s olives.. not looking good..

With all this being said, there are also fires in other Mediterranean countries Monte Negro and France. Strong winds, dry weather and high temperatures!!


The damage is still to be determined…

Damira Kalajzic


Photos by:  Goran, Tomo and Snjezana from our office and Damira Kalajzic.

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